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Be A Heart

Joseph Doll

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Joseph is the husband to Mary and foster father of Jesus, Saint Joseph is a wonderful role model for little ones and grown ups alike. The Joseph doll is a great companion for our Mary doll. He comes with a vegan leather apron that can be removed. There is a felt saw and carpenter square attached to the apron. He also has a small backpack that has a poem written by Shannon K. Evans.  Imagine you are cutting wood with Joseph, the carpenter from Nazareth. Imagine him teaching you to hear God in the silence as your hand slides over the plank in front of you. For Joseph knows that God is in all things; in the wood at your fingertips, in the trees it came from, and in the person who will sit in the chair that he makes. BE A HEART DESIGNS GIFTABLE PRODUCTS FOR EVERY OCCASION THAT BRING LIGHT AND HOPE. @BEAHEARTDESIGN