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millie + roo


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Introducing our Bamboo Cuff Smile Beanie in classic Black! Crafted with utmost care, this beanie is made from super soft bamboo viscose knit that rivals the luxurious feel of cashmere.

Our Bamboo Cuff Smile Beanie also boasts antimicrobial qualities. Say goodbye to odor-causing bacteria, as this beanie helps destroy and eliminate them, leaving you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

Ideal for those with sensitive skin, this beanie is a true blessing for individuals with eczema. The gentle touch of bamboo viscose will soothe your skin, providing relief and comfort like no other.

Not only is this beanie a treat for your skin, but it's also a friend to the environment. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, it's a sustainable choice that aligns with your values.

We understand that little ones grow quickly, which is why our Bamboo Cuff Smile Beanie is designed with a fold-over cuff. This feature allows for even more sizing allowance, ensuring a perfect fit as your child grows.

Embrace style, comfort, and sustainability with our Bamboo Cuff Smile Beanie. Add it to your collection today and experience the incredible softness and versatility of bamboo. Shop now and enjoy the benefits of this eco-friendly accessory.