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Dreamland Baby

Baby Bamboo Pajamas w/ DreamCuffs - 11 Solids

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Looking for the PERFECT Bamboo PJ? You've found it!

Our ultra-soft, Viscose from Bamboo Pajamas feature our proprietary LuxeWeave™ fabric that infuses them with buttery softness. These dreamy pajamas are naturally moisture-wicking, gentle on your baby's delicate skin, and breathable to soothe and comfort your little one from nighttime to naptime and beyond.

Introducing DreamCuffs™

Protect your baby's sensitive skin and keep their hands and feet cozy with our innovative, DreamCuffs™. DreamCuffs™ are integrated into our ultra-luxe viscose from bamboo pajamas and are designed to easily pull over little hands and feet, eliminating the need for additional booties or mittens.

Infants 0-6 months: Protection you can count on! Pull the DreamCuffs™ over hands and feet to keep your little one comfortable and scratch-free!

Babies 6-24 months: Don't get cold feet! Gently pull the DreamCuffs™ over tiny toes and feet to keep them warm, help regulate body temperature and easily convert the pajamas into footed sleepwear.